Human Faces and Forms Inspire Me by Lynn Wartski

So what about my latest work, which will be shown at a new show up at Hillsborough Art Gallery titled Primaeval? In considering this theme, I decided to look at the origins of my own art.  I have always been intrigued by human faces and forms, and recall two and three dimensional representations being among my earliest artistic expressions. And, this is something I return to, and challenge myself with time and again. I create sculptures that display a love of experimenting with materials.  Copper has been my primary medium, but I have increasingly worked glass, other metals, concrete, found objects and more into my work.  Stylistically my work has grown somewhat more “Steampunk” in flavor.
Nature is my most common source of inspiration, but I find ideas everywhere I turn. There are no specific images or ideas that define my work as a whole. Like some other artists,  I seem to catch on to an idea for a time, and let it run its course.  This may yield one piece, a series, or an entire year’s worth of exploration. If one asked, what motivates me, I would answer this: I am motivated because I simply enjoy making art. I enjoy challenging myself with my media, and creating work that evokes a smile.See Lynn’s website for other examples of her work. And see the work of all OCAG artists at our website

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