Printmaking at Penland by Jenifer Padilla

I recently had the opportunity to study printmaking at Penland, where I was part of the Winter Printmaking Residency. The equipment and facilities were extraordinary and state of the art. The campus was beautiful and extremely inspiring. In the 17 days I was there I created a body of work based on the environment at Penland. I  experimented with monoprints, monotypes, then aluminum plate lithography and finally stone lithography. 

I created a body of work based on my surroundings at Penland: the local birds, powerlines, the Penland water tower and found objects. I did not take this time away from the “real world” for granted – I was extremely motivated by my instructor, the amazing studio space and equipment and the peaceful environment at Penland.  I also had the privilege of being surrounded by a group of  very talented artists and instructors from all over the county.

Jenifer’s work will be available at North Carolina Museum of Art auction Saturday, April 14th. She is also participating in the FRANK Off the Wall Auction on Saturday, April 21st.

You can see Jenifer’s work at her website. And see the work of other OCAG members at the Orange County Artists Guild website.

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